I graduated with an 2:1 B.A. Degree (with Honours) in Film Studies from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1998. I then became involved in short film-making as part of the View Finder group which led to me making my first film Imagination on Super 8mm. and starring in the short film Bad Vibes.
After pursuing my research interests in film, I lectured in the subject before finally turning freelance.
My writing on cinema is regularly featured in both the respected 'Close Up Film' and SCOPE- the Online Journal of Film Studies.

Away from film, I have a passionate interest in- and vast collection of- archive audio material. In recent years my collection has been utilised by a play and even by the BBC! An edition of 'The Archive Hour' on Radio 4 (tx. 20/12/2008) included many of my recordings. My latest BBC production was a documentary called 'Paul Simon in Norwich' which was broadcast on Radio Norfolk in August 2015.


Imagination (Super 8mm. short, 1999-2000) (writer & director)
Bad Vibes (short, 2000) (actor)
1938 (short, 2009) (special thanks)
God-Given Right (short, 2010) (writer & director)
The Fourth Day (short, 2013) (writer & director)
The Friend (short, 2013) (writer & director)
Wish You Were Here (short, 2013) (writer & director)
The Man From Nowhere (short, 2013) (writer & director)
Dreamer of Pictures (short, 2014) (writer & director)
Note To Self (short, 2015) (writer & director)
Beneath The Skin (feature, 2015) (executive producer)
Memento Mori (short, 2016) (director)
Like My Father Before Me (short, 2016) (executive producer)
The Summoning (short, 2016) (writer & director)
Leaves Will Fall (short, 2016) (writer & director)
A Heightened Sense of Perception (short, 2016) (writer & director)
The Fear (short, 2017) (writer & director)
The Watcher (short, 2017) (writer & director)
What If...? (short, 2017) (writer & director)
To Whom It May Concern (short, 2017) (writer & director)
A Moment In Time (short, 2017) (writer & director)
Hour of the Wolf (short, 2017) (writer & director)

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