I graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury with a B.A. Honours degree in Film Studies. I then became involved in short film-making as part of the View Finder group which led to me making my first film Imagination on Super 8mm. and making a rare acting appearance in the short film Bad Vibes.

I've taught A-Level Film and on practical BTEC/CTEC courses. My writing on cinema has been featured in both the respected 'Close Up Film' and SCOPE- the Online Journal of Film Studies.

Away from film, I have a passionate interest in- and vast collection of- archive audio material. In recent years my collection has been utilised by a stage play and even by the BBC! An edition of 'The Archive Hour' on BBC Radio 4 (tx. 20/12/2008) included many of my recordings. BBC Radio Norfolk broadcast my documentary 'Paul Simon in Norwich' in August 2015, whilst BBC Radio 4 broadcast a documentary I contributed to - Raiders of the Lost Archive - in October 2022. I have appeared on local and national radio as well as regional and national television.


Imagination (Super 8mm. short, 1999-2000) (writer & director)
Bad Vibes (short, 2000) (actor)
1938 (short, 2009) (special thanks)
God-Given Right (short, 2010) (writer & director)
The Fourth Day (short, 2013) (writer & director)
The Friend (short, 2013) (writer & director)
Wish You Were Here (short, 2013) (writer & director)
The Man From Nowhere (short, 2013) (writer & director)
Dreamer of Pictures (short, 2014) (writer & director)
Note To Self (short, 2015) (writer & director)
Beneath The Skin (feature, 2015) (executive producer)
Memento Mori (short, 2016) (director)
Like My Father Before Me (short, 2016) (executive producer)
The Summoning (short, 2016) (writer & director)
Leaves Will Fall (short, 2016) (writer & director)
A Heightened Sense of Perception (short, 2016) (writer & director)
The Fear (short, 2017) (writer & director)
The Watcher (short, 2017) (writer & director)
What If...? (short, 2017) (writer & director)
To Whom It May Concern (short, 2017) (writer & director)
The Escape (short, 2017) (writer & director)
A Moment In Time (short, 2017) (writer & director)
Hour of the Wolf (short, 2017) (writer & director)
The Same Fear (short, 2018) (director)
Feel Special (short, 2019) (writer & director)
The Here And Now (feature-length, 2019) (co-writer & director)
Sunny Saturday (writer & director)
The Last Summer (feature-length, 2022) (writer & director)
Special Day (feature-length, 2022) (writer & director)
Blue Sky Dreams (short, 2023) (writer & director)
Albert Cooper - In His Own Words (short, 2023) (writer & director)

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